Thursday, 17 April 2014

My Current Set Up! Filofax Flex Slim - Magenta

Ohhhh I'm all excited about my new Filofax Flex Slim in Magenta so I just had to share! I scored this little beauty off eBay last week and when it arrived I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.... Food journal.
It was nice and neat and inconspicuous enough to leave out on my desk at work but still large enough to fit lots in. I had also seen what I thought were the perfect notebooks for it in a little shop in town. The evening I got it in the post I went straight to the shop, eyed up the notebooks beside the Flex(trying not to look like I was trying to rob them) and brought two with me.
Unfortunately in my attempt to be inconspicuous I didn't measure them up right and the notebooks were too big!!! They wouldn't fit in any of the little slots so I had to put my thinking cap on.

I spied a piece of string on my desk and took inspiration from the Midori Travellers Notebooks and ta-daaaaaa! it works like a charm!

The thing I love about Flexes is that they are so versatile, with all the little pockets you can swap things around, put your pen loop where you want, they are just great!! I popped this little notepad I got in one of my originals in the back cover slot for writing quick notes in.
A day or two later I got even more adventurous and decided to go with an owl theme so I added a little owl charm to the string and.....

Used some old wrapping paper to cover the notebook!! I had the little owl magnet paper clip in my stash and just popped a little cute pack of post it notes into one of the credit card slots at the front of the Flex! I think it looks so cute!

Then on Tuesday I spied this super cute little 2014 WO2P diary in Tescos and it was reduced to €1.05! I didn't have the Flex with me and I did think it would be a bit large but brought it anyway and it works great using the string again. I am going to use this to track weigh ins etc,

So that is my little stuffed flex for the moment, I am getting the pocket and the A5 version in the post shortly and have already begun planning what I want the A5 to look like so keep posted for that. I also hope to do an in depth review showing all the pockets etc shortly too but for now I just wanted to share my excitement at my new baby!
Thanks so much for reading


  1. This almost makes me want a Flex. Love how it looks so far. Can't wait to hear how it works out!

  2. I had never thought about a Flex, but this makes me think I could use one in my purse when I don't have room for my personal sized Filofax. I'm a new reader/follower - love your posts!