Monday, 28 April 2014

Show And Tell - Personal Willow

 This is basically just a post to go oooohhhhhh and aaaaahhhhhh to :-)

This is my new Personal Willow from the spring Filofax collection! Isn't she beautiful, and to be fair this is pretty bad lighting as these photos were taken late in the evening.

It is a gorgeous patterned leather look filofax with snap closure and elasticated pen loop. The predominant colour is green with what I suppose is a petal patter?? Similar to that of Orla Keily. All the colours are completely perfect for spring with beautiful pastel shades.

 Just a little close up of the pattern :-)

 I love an elasticated pen loop and this one is pink to match the interior of the filofax. It is also kind of concealed by the snap closure. I was a bit worried to see the stitching quite stretched and exposed near the pen loop but the strap is quite thick so I suppose it is to be expected.

 The other thing I have found after only a couple of hours of use was that the snap closure began to wrinkle a little. I am not sure if you can see it in this or the next few photos but there is definite wrinklage going on!


It's quite stuffable! It reminds me a bit of a Metropol at first but it is definitely not as puffy or bulky as the Metropol.

Love the pale pink interior and I'd be so chuffed if Filofax brought a planner out in this shade, it is simply gorgeous.

Inside the front cover you get a full length pocket and 6 credit card slots to keep your bits and bobs in.

Inside the back cover there is one of those pockets usually used to hold a notepad or like me my phone or licence etc.

So that is it! I love it to bits, definitely my favourite of the new releases and my favourite for spring at the moment. 

If you have any questions about it please do not hesitate to ask. You can contact me here or on facebook (Pretty Obsession)

Thanks as always for stopping by :-)


Thursday, 17 April 2014

My Current Set Up! Filofax Flex Slim - Magenta

Ohhhh I'm all excited about my new Filofax Flex Slim in Magenta so I just had to share! I scored this little beauty off eBay last week and when it arrived I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.... Food journal.
It was nice and neat and inconspicuous enough to leave out on my desk at work but still large enough to fit lots in. I had also seen what I thought were the perfect notebooks for it in a little shop in town. The evening I got it in the post I went straight to the shop, eyed up the notebooks beside the Flex(trying not to look like I was trying to rob them) and brought two with me.
Unfortunately in my attempt to be inconspicuous I didn't measure them up right and the notebooks were too big!!! They wouldn't fit in any of the little slots so I had to put my thinking cap on.

I spied a piece of string on my desk and took inspiration from the Midori Travellers Notebooks and ta-daaaaaa! it works like a charm!

The thing I love about Flexes is that they are so versatile, with all the little pockets you can swap things around, put your pen loop where you want, they are just great!! I popped this little notepad I got in one of my originals in the back cover slot for writing quick notes in.
A day or two later I got even more adventurous and decided to go with an owl theme so I added a little owl charm to the string and.....

Used some old wrapping paper to cover the notebook!! I had the little owl magnet paper clip in my stash and just popped a little cute pack of post it notes into one of the credit card slots at the front of the Flex! I think it looks so cute!

Then on Tuesday I spied this super cute little 2014 WO2P diary in Tescos and it was reduced to €1.05! I didn't have the Flex with me and I did think it would be a bit large but brought it anyway and it works great using the string again. I am going to use this to track weigh ins etc,

So that is my little stuffed flex for the moment, I am getting the pocket and the A5 version in the post shortly and have already begun planning what I want the A5 to look like so keep posted for that. I also hope to do an in depth review showing all the pockets etc shortly too but for now I just wanted to share my excitement at my new baby!
Thanks so much for reading

Monday, 31 March 2014

Show and Tell: Patent Compact in Duck Egg

Hey there Filofax Fanatics 

Today I am showing off the beautiful new Duck Egg Patent Compact from Filofax. This little beauty is from the new Spring Range and is also available in Lemon and Lavender along with Black, Red and Purple.

 First up I just want to say I am not loving the new packaging from Filofax!

 But I am loving the dusky pale blue of this Filofax. The pastel shade works perfectly with the high gloss finish of the Patent Compact.

 I've never used a compact before really and was surprised to see how small the rings are but I am looking forward to trying it out and have a few ideas already :-)

 It reminds me very much of the Saffiano in design with the elasticated pen loop on the left hand side and a nice large clasp closure.

 The inside is quite similar to the Saffiano too with a flap pocket and two credit card slots. The gorgeous Duck Egg blue shade is carried throughout the Filofax too.

 You get your full kit of inserts as you would expect so you will be all set up. 

To the back you have a full length pocket too for extra storage. 

This is an absolutely gorgeous Filofax and these pastel shades are going to be perfect for spring and summer. 

Thanks so much for reading 



Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Kikki K Planner - Live Laugh Love

Helllo All!

I bought this planner a little while ago but unfortunately we didn't get along and I sold her on, however when I got her I took a tonne of photos because I had intended writing up a post so I decided to go ahead and write it up. Just because I didn't get along with her doesn't mean you won't love her to bits!

This planner has a canvas cover and that is the reason I think we didn't bond too well. With it being such a beautiful shade of pink I was petrified of getting any stains on her and in my lift you can't be precious over things unfortunately.

So like I say beautiful canvas cover with the Live Laugh Love and embroidered balloon.... too cute. It has a pop button closure which I had expected to be a lot flimsier than it actually is, it is a good sturdy button.

Inside pockets are very similar to most Kikki K planners, you get a small pocket on top, a much larger one in the middle (perfect for your phone) and a little one on the bottom which is great for business/bank cards.

Inside is another type of fabric that i just couldn't put my finger on, in blue with dark polka dots. This covering is a gorgeous contrast to the pink.

As you come to expect from Kikki K you get adorable dividers but it was a bit irksome that they are already labelled, I would have preferred if they were left for you to label in a way you needed.

The month on 2 pages is clear and I love how it is laid out with notes to the side.

I also love how the week is laid out. This is perfect for someone like me who doesn't really use their personal size over the weekend. May not suit everyone though!

You get some nice address pages which are pretty standard in any planner.

Some of the rest of the inserts I really don't find that useful but again that is personal preference! These are Birthday and Anniversaries sheets to remind you of birthdays and anniversaries.... obviously. Personally I put these in my weekly pages so when I review the upcoming month I know they are coming.

Shops and Restaurants, I can see how these could be useful but I just keep a list of online stores in my personal or bookmark them on my laptop.

The 'To Do' pages are very basic and I find it odd that there are no boxes to tick off when you have your to do... done.

I like how the expenses sheets are laid out and expenses is one of my go to sections in my planner so I love these.

The back of the planner has a large pocket for holding the adorable little note pad that you get with the planner. It also has the elastic pen loop.

Cute little Kikki K logo on the bottom of the back cover.

And a quick shot of the pen loop and popper button so you know what type you would be getting :-)

So that is it really. Like I say there was nothing wrong with this planner it was just personal preference that I decided to sell it on. I love my other two Kikki K planners but they are leather so there is not so much worry involved with them regarding stains, spillages etc. 

Hope this has helped you in some way and thanks for stopping by 


Saturday, 22 February 2014

New Kate Spade + RAK!

Hey there Filo Friends,

I have been like an expectant mother the last week or so waiting on a few very special planners to arrive and this morning one of the beauties was waiting at my desk when I arrived in to work. Needless to say it was a very happy day in my office :-)

Meet Kate the Third! My newest addition to the Kate Spade family I am slowly growing. Isn't she beautiful. She is a Wellesley Zipped planner in Pink and I love her. If only her non-zipped sister would make an appearance and then I could re-unite the family!!! If anyone hears or sees a Wellesley non zip in pink can you please please pretty please let me know ;-) I'd settle for black either!

And so on to the planner. The Wellesley is a leather planner with a gorgeous raised Kate Spade log/patch on the front. It's very plain and this allows for the bright pink colour yet still makes it look sophisticated and definitely work appropriate in my opinion. It's black counterpart, which I will review shortly, is defnitiely the most sophisticated looking planner in my entire collection. 

One of my favourite features is the raised logo, it's just so cute. Obviously this version is zipped but there is a non zipped version if you can get your hands on it. 

To me the interior is laid out very similar to the personal Holborn. It again has the Kate Spade log on the bottom inside cover in gold print. The interior is lined with gold and cream polka dot material but all the pockets are a nude shade leather. You get two full length pockets on the inside cover, one on each side of the credit/business card holders. Speaking of the credit/business card holders, you get a whopping seven standard and one slightly larger holder on the inside pocket. 

The rings are gold!!!!! enough said! they are roughly the same size and layout as your personal size filofax and I think the Franklin Covey compact fits this size too (or at least the one I have does). you also get one pen loop. My two new Kate Spades only seem to be large enough to fit my two barrel BIC but the older black version fits my four barrel BIC... go figure!

 To the back you get a kind of flap pocket - that's the only way I can describe it. It is handy for when you are in a rush and need to secure a reciept etc and don't have time to fiddle with the front pockets.

The binder is a nice stiff backed binder, it won't lay flat straight out of the box and to be honest probably will never lay completely flat due to the zip but my black one is pretty well trained and if the inserts are evenly divided when open it lies pretty flat, enough to where I am happy :-)

So if that wasn't enough the beautiful Brooke Maxon off Facebook who I bought the planner from kindly sent me on a whole lot of Target Dollar Spot goodies, she must be psychic!!!! I get so envious of all the lucky US planner people who show off their finds from the Dollar Spot and now I am lucky enough to have some of my own!!


Look at all the goodies!!

These are amazing Label Stickers that come in all kinds of designs! There are 3 sheets in the pack, one in the top design and two in the bottom design! These were $1

This is a set of Alpha Stickers, you get 200 stickers in a choice of this gorgeous minty green or the peachy orange shade! these were also $1

Another set of Alpha Stickers. 210 stickers this time whith lots of each letter and these were also $1

Ahhhhhhmazing Sticky Note Pads. One has gorgeous polka dots and one is lined for to dos. These are gorgeous! you get 60 sheets of each and they are also only $1 each!!!!

This is just what I needed for my new mini! My self printed inserts don't have dates so this is going to snazzy it up no end!!! It is a super girly Date Stamp Set and was $3

Last up are these super colourful flags. I'm not sure where these were purchase or what the price was but they are so cute and colourful!!

I wast to say an absolutely massive thank you to Brooke for her generosity and for selling me a beautiful planner. 

Thanks for stopping by!