Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Kikki K Planner - Live Laugh Love

Helllo All!

I bought this planner a little while ago but unfortunately we didn't get along and I sold her on, however when I got her I took a tonne of photos because I had intended writing up a post so I decided to go ahead and write it up. Just because I didn't get along with her doesn't mean you won't love her to bits!

This planner has a canvas cover and that is the reason I think we didn't bond too well. With it being such a beautiful shade of pink I was petrified of getting any stains on her and in my lift you can't be precious over things unfortunately.

So like I say beautiful canvas cover with the Live Laugh Love and embroidered balloon.... too cute. It has a pop button closure which I had expected to be a lot flimsier than it actually is, it is a good sturdy button.

Inside pockets are very similar to most Kikki K planners, you get a small pocket on top, a much larger one in the middle (perfect for your phone) and a little one on the bottom which is great for business/bank cards.

Inside is another type of fabric that i just couldn't put my finger on, in blue with dark polka dots. This covering is a gorgeous contrast to the pink.

As you come to expect from Kikki K you get adorable dividers but it was a bit irksome that they are already labelled, I would have preferred if they were left for you to label in a way you needed.

The month on 2 pages is clear and I love how it is laid out with notes to the side.

I also love how the week is laid out. This is perfect for someone like me who doesn't really use their personal size over the weekend. May not suit everyone though!

You get some nice address pages which are pretty standard in any planner.

Some of the rest of the inserts I really don't find that useful but again that is personal preference! These are Birthday and Anniversaries sheets to remind you of birthdays and anniversaries.... obviously. Personally I put these in my weekly pages so when I review the upcoming month I know they are coming.

Shops and Restaurants, I can see how these could be useful but I just keep a list of online stores in my personal or bookmark them on my laptop.

The 'To Do' pages are very basic and I find it odd that there are no boxes to tick off when you have your to do... done.

I like how the expenses sheets are laid out and expenses is one of my go to sections in my planner so I love these.

The back of the planner has a large pocket for holding the adorable little note pad that you get with the planner. It also has the elastic pen loop.

Cute little Kikki K logo on the bottom of the back cover.

And a quick shot of the pen loop and popper button so you know what type you would be getting :-)

So that is it really. Like I say there was nothing wrong with this planner it was just personal preference that I decided to sell it on. I love my other two Kikki K planners but they are leather so there is not so much worry involved with them regarding stains, spillages etc. 

Hope this has helped you in some way and thanks for stopping by 



  1. So so pretty. I hope they bring this back, I'll be all over it. I have the mint too and love it.

  2. I would Luke to buy this personalplanner... It is very beautiful. Where can buy it? Thanks!!

  3. I love the dividers, I am not loving any of the Planners at the moment, I really would like the Cute Refill so it's not really good budget-wise to purchase a Time Planner but that's what I need to use it for.

  4. looooooove this planner!!!! <3 where i can buy it? thank you so much