Saturday, 22 February 2014

New Kate Spade + RAK!

Hey there Filo Friends,

I have been like an expectant mother the last week or so waiting on a few very special planners to arrive and this morning one of the beauties was waiting at my desk when I arrived in to work. Needless to say it was a very happy day in my office :-)

Meet Kate the Third! My newest addition to the Kate Spade family I am slowly growing. Isn't she beautiful. She is a Wellesley Zipped planner in Pink and I love her. If only her non-zipped sister would make an appearance and then I could re-unite the family!!! If anyone hears or sees a Wellesley non zip in pink can you please please pretty please let me know ;-) I'd settle for black either!

And so on to the planner. The Wellesley is a leather planner with a gorgeous raised Kate Spade log/patch on the front. It's very plain and this allows for the bright pink colour yet still makes it look sophisticated and definitely work appropriate in my opinion. It's black counterpart, which I will review shortly, is defnitiely the most sophisticated looking planner in my entire collection. 

One of my favourite features is the raised logo, it's just so cute. Obviously this version is zipped but there is a non zipped version if you can get your hands on it. 

To me the interior is laid out very similar to the personal Holborn. It again has the Kate Spade log on the bottom inside cover in gold print. The interior is lined with gold and cream polka dot material but all the pockets are a nude shade leather. You get two full length pockets on the inside cover, one on each side of the credit/business card holders. Speaking of the credit/business card holders, you get a whopping seven standard and one slightly larger holder on the inside pocket. 

The rings are gold!!!!! enough said! they are roughly the same size and layout as your personal size filofax and I think the Franklin Covey compact fits this size too (or at least the one I have does). you also get one pen loop. My two new Kate Spades only seem to be large enough to fit my two barrel BIC but the older black version fits my four barrel BIC... go figure!

 To the back you get a kind of flap pocket - that's the only way I can describe it. It is handy for when you are in a rush and need to secure a reciept etc and don't have time to fiddle with the front pockets.

The binder is a nice stiff backed binder, it won't lay flat straight out of the box and to be honest probably will never lay completely flat due to the zip but my black one is pretty well trained and if the inserts are evenly divided when open it lies pretty flat, enough to where I am happy :-)

So if that wasn't enough the beautiful Brooke Maxon off Facebook who I bought the planner from kindly sent me on a whole lot of Target Dollar Spot goodies, she must be psychic!!!! I get so envious of all the lucky US planner people who show off their finds from the Dollar Spot and now I am lucky enough to have some of my own!!


Look at all the goodies!!

These are amazing Label Stickers that come in all kinds of designs! There are 3 sheets in the pack, one in the top design and two in the bottom design! These were $1

This is a set of Alpha Stickers, you get 200 stickers in a choice of this gorgeous minty green or the peachy orange shade! these were also $1

Another set of Alpha Stickers. 210 stickers this time whith lots of each letter and these were also $1

Ahhhhhhmazing Sticky Note Pads. One has gorgeous polka dots and one is lined for to dos. These are gorgeous! you get 60 sheets of each and they are also only $1 each!!!!

This is just what I needed for my new mini! My self printed inserts don't have dates so this is going to snazzy it up no end!!! It is a super girly Date Stamp Set and was $3

Last up are these super colourful flags. I'm not sure where these were purchase or what the price was but they are so cute and colourful!!

I wast to say an absolutely massive thank you to Brooke for her generosity and for selling me a beautiful planner. 

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  1. Ahh, that planner is gorgeous!

    I'm sure you are gonna have a great time using it and those stickers look so cute too. I wish we had cute stickers like that where I live.


  2. Do you know where i could find the same in pink ? I can find only black online !

  3. Hwhere do you buy that georgeus planner? I love that pink color and Kate Spade is not selling anymore....

  4. i lovee this planner. i'm been dying to get my hands on it and can't find it ANYWHERE!

  5. Meet Kate the Third! My newest addition to the Kate Spade family I am slowly growing. Isn't she beautiful. She is a Wellesley Zipped planner in ...

  6. If you would like to sell please email me!